A Lady Cyclist’s Guide to Kashgar


“I spoke uselessly, but I could not believe it: a life disappeared in front of us, down into the desert cracks, as simple as a shift in the clouds.”

Beautiful prose.

Switching from Kashgar, Eastern Turkestan, 1923 to London, present day Suzanne Joinson connects the interlocking stories.

Millicent, and sisters Lizzie and Eva are missionaries who are stranded in Kashgar. Eva narrates our story and through her eyes religion, deception and politics unfold. I loved the sense of danger created and the epic journey undertaken.

In the present day, Frieda is a well drawn character but Joinson struggles to tie the plot together without introducing a superfluous character, who slightly detracted from my enjoyment of the novel. The sense of urgency was lost in the resolution but overall the book is an amazing adventure.



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