Migrant Arrivals by Sea – Dead or Missing and Incomplete Data. Contact your EU member of parliament now.





IMG_0081These figures are from Guardian based on data from the UNHCR database. Malta reportedly has no information on dead or missing migrants and has been left out of the pictures above.

“Based on reports from survivors and family members, UNHCR estimates that 1,500 people died attempting to make the journey from Libya to Europe.” This is not reflected in the data and therefore my work. What is Frontex – the EU agency that represents the EU Member States joint co-operation on Immigration doing?

– Not accurately reporting numbers of deaths

– Not responding to distress calls from boats (the Guardian)

– Involved in facilitating illegal returns (European Voice)

There are also concerns about Frontex accountability despite its public commitment to human rights.  Nina Perkowski’s series of articles is a good, detailed introduction to the topic.

Over 100 migrants died off the Italian island of Lampedusa on the 3rd of October 2013. (Spiegel) This needs to change. Contact your EU member of parliament now.


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