Profile: Dr Carolyn Gomes

“We are tired of asking the government to do what the law says it should do”

Carolyn Gomes is the Executive Director of Jamaicans For Justice a non-profit, non-violent, non-partisan Citizens’ Rights Action Group. She won the United Nations Prizes in the Field of Human Rights in 2008 for her work highlighting and protesting against the human rights abuses committed by the state.

In an interview with Avia Ustanny Dr Carolyn Gomes says, “I love the feeling that I am involved in an activity to help people. Trying to push the envelope for justice, to empower the dis-empowered and to encourage them to assume their rightful place.

“Sometimes the burden is heavy, because you are doing something over and over again. If we continue at this rate with police shootings, we will exceed last year’s figures. But, you have to keep reminding yourself that the outcome is not your business, what is your business is what is the next right thing you can do.”


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