Friday Link Round Up – Photographing Harassers, Go Home Texts, Opportunity International stories, Sugar Land Grab.

DriveBy 001

Men in Philadelphia photographed after they harassed Hannah Price (photographer) on the street

Titled ‘My Harassers’ Hannah Price’s photographs are automatically threatening due to the title. Her work directly addresses the problem of street harassment. More photographs and an interview. Would be very interested to hear the conversations she has with her harassers. 

After the ‘Go Home Vans’ it didn’t seem the UK Border Agency’s policy could get worse. Until these text messages sent on behalf of UKBA by Capita “Message from the UK Border Agency. You are required to leave the UK as you no longer have right to remain.”

This article describes how campaigner Suresh Grover was wrongly sent the text and how he then investigated the matter.

‘A Freedom of Information request submitted to the Home Office by Mr Grover and published by the Discover Society reveal that 39,100 individuals have been contacted in this way by text.’

This lack of common courtesy and respect towards people supposedly without the right to remain in the UK is shameful.  200 complaints have been made about these texts. Let’s increase that number. The Tory immigration minister, Mr Harper said on Question Time that he did not “have any problem” with the overall message. And that, “If it’s successful, we will roll it out. If it’s not, we won’t.”

How do you define success? By inciting hatred? Since the Commonwealth Immigrants Act 1962, the restriction of immigration has been linked with racism. The current governments policy harks back to that era.

A great article for Human RIghts Blog Action day. This post connects rights such as Article 26, Everyone has a Right to Education, with success stories due to the work Opportunity International is doing.


This Infographic: Visualizing the global land rush by Oxfam America really helps show why demand for sugar is resulting in farmers being thrown off their land. Sign the petition here.


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