Evenia Must Stay – sign the petition

The Government should not be able to send Evenia back to Zimbabwe for legal reasons. Legal reasons means that there “is substantial grounds for believing that the asylum-seeker would face a real risk of being subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment” if returned.

Evenia Must Stay, “Evenia is at risk of arrest, persecution and extremely serious ill-treatment because of the work she has been doing with groups like the Zimbabwe Vigil and ROHR that are calling on the authorities in Zimbabwe to respect human rights and the rule of law. She will also attract adverse attention from the authorities in Zimbabwe because of her participation in performances by the Zimbabwe Association Choir.”

Zimbabwe No Justice For Rampant Killings or Torture,  “In late February 2011, Harare police raided a gathering of people watching a video about recent demonstrations in North Africa. The police arrested everyone in the room, and some people were allegedly beaten on the soles of their feet. The incident is part of a broader pattern of political violence against perceived opponents of President Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF)”

Evenia’s Article 8 Right to private and family life would also be breached. For almost ten years she has lived in Leicester with her daughters and grandchildren, all of whom are British citizens. In the past Theresa May has not been supportive of Article 8 Right, mis-interpreting a case to suggest that a man’s cat was the reason he was not deported.

Even Theresa May must see that Evenia’s family life would be destroyed if she was forcibly returned to Zimbabwe, torn from her children and grandchildren.

Sign the petition.


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