Friday Round Up – Invisible Disability, Forgotten Authors, Life After Prison, Consumerism and Fair Trade.

The pressure to hide an invisible disability and not reveal a weakness is explored in this interesting personal experience on chronic illness, disclosure and imposter syndrome.

While looking for translations of Aimé Césaire (available here) I stumbled upon this writers no one reads tumblr. An amazing collection of forgotten authors, like Elspeth Davie who I’ll definitely be tracking down to read.

Kemi and Tasha Ryan, are sisters who struggled with life after prison and are now sharing their experiences with children and young adults. It does not seem an effective long-term strategy to continue to make it more difficult for ex-prisoners to gain employment and therefore more likely to commit crime in the future.

Great article about how to live in a consumer culture without being consumed.


Bar Code Protest Art BY KERRY SLAVENS

Thinking about Fair Trade and trade injustice. Not a great selection of youtube videos, this was the best. Anyone know or has made a better one?


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