Profile: Yoani Sánchez – Generation Y


Yoani Sánchez in 2007 created a blog that describes and analyses life in Cuba under a totalitarianism regime.

In 2008, she won Spain’s Ortega y Gasset Prize for digital journalism, and Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world. The Time’s article states that “Sánchez has practised what paper-bound journalists in her country cannot: freedom of speech.”

In her most recent post Two currencies, Two realities “In a society where the social abyss is increasingly unfathomable and economic inequalities grow, no measure helps everybody, no relaxation will make life better for each person. Twenty years of monetary schizophrenia have also created two hemispheres, two worlds. It remains to be seen whether a simple change of banknotes can bring closer these two countries that comprise our reality, these two dimensions. If it can make it so that the lady who — almost always — eats rice flavored with a little soup cube, can one day sit down in a snack bar and order a beer.”

The success of Sánchez’s blog highlights the importance of freedom of speech in an equal society, and how effectively the Cuban State has suppressed opposition and debate.

BBC article: Cuba to scrap two-currency system in latest reform



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