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Profile: Aimé Fernand Césaire 1913–2008


I picked up Une Tempète without knowing who Aimé Césaire was and while my French is not good enough to understand the subtleties of Césaire language I was intrigued.

And you lied to me so much, about the world, about myself, that you ended up by imposing on me an image of myself:
underdeveloped, in your words, undercompetent
that’s how you made me see myself!
And I hate that image…and it’s false!
But now I know you, you old cancer,
And I also know myself!
And I know that one day
my bare fist, just that,
will be enough to crush your world!

—from Caliban’s last speech in Une Tempète (1968) by Aimé Césaire,
who called his play a “radical” adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

From “Aimé Fernand Césaire (1913–2008): The Clarity of Struggle” John J. Simon

A translation by by Richard Miller is available here Aime Cesaire: A Tempest (Une Tempete)

A biography of Aimé Fernand Césaire can be found at the Poetry Foundation.


CHILD OBESITY – The Happy World of Haribo?

Advertising has a huge impact on children, its nice to see the tables turned and the damage done by junk food highlighted.

“Research has found strong associations between increases in advertising for non-nutritious foods and rates of childhood obesity.” The Impact of Food Advertising on Childhood Obesity.

Making it Home: Refugee Survival Trust. Poetry and Film.

A project run by the Refugee Survival Trust with women refugees from Glasgow and local women in Edinburgh. The women created four films based on thoughts and feelings inspired by poems centred around the idea of home.


The two groups together.

My favourite poem was this.

The Shortest and
Sweetest of Songs 


From The Poetical Works of George MacDonald, 1893.

Click here to watch the films, I love the films inspired by The Shortest and
Sweetest of Songs.
 The aim of the project was to create connections. There’s also a pdf book about the project.

Migrant Arrivals by Sea – Dead or Missing and Incomplete Data. Contact your EU member of parliament now.





IMG_0081These figures are from Guardian based on data from the UNHCR database. Malta reportedly has no information on dead or missing migrants and has been left out of the pictures above.

“Based on reports from survivors and family members, UNHCR estimates that 1,500 people died attempting to make the journey from Libya to Europe.” This is not reflected in the data and therefore my work. What is Frontex – the EU agency that represents the EU Member States joint co-operation on Immigration doing?

– Not accurately reporting numbers of deaths

– Not responding to distress calls from boats (the Guardian)

– Involved in facilitating illegal returns (European Voice)

There are also concerns about Frontex accountability despite its public commitment to human rights.  Nina Perkowski’s series of articles is a good, detailed introduction to the topic.

Over 100 migrants died off the Italian island of Lampedusa on the 3rd of October 2013. (Spiegel) This needs to change. Contact your EU member of parliament now.

Tour Paris 13 – Temporary. Free. Open. Art.

Street Art Exhibition


This Paris building will be open, free to the public for a month. Over 100 street artists have created this powerful mash up. In November the building will be demolished in stages to reveal the interior work. It’s difficult to articulate how inspiring I find this project. The collaborative aspect combined with the temporary nature of the work makes a strong statement about urban life.


Founder Mehdi Ben Cheikh “This project is the embodiment of the ephemeral nature of street art,” he told FRANCE 24. “And while artists need to sell their work to make a living, street art is and should be free for everyone. Art inspired in and for the street, where it cannot last forever, has an extraordinary power.”


Images from the Guardian and more on this at France 24.