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Edinburgh Events – Art Exhibition, Family Art Workshop, African Music


Interesting selection of events on in Edinburgh this month. Portrait Gallery is gorgeous and this exhibition looks really exciting. Will probably get there tomorrow and post a review up. IMG_0064





Anything else interesting going on in Edinburgh in October? Let me know!


Sri Lankan “Diaspora Diaries”

To mark the International Day of Peace, International Alert has released ‘Diaspora Diaries’: a series of documentaries telling the personal stories of members of the Sri Lankan diaspora.

With the peace process in Sri Lankan just beginning International Alert has filmed the stories of the people scattered by the conflict. Currently three people’s stories are available, with more being made available throughout October. International Alert are encouraging comments and submissions of personal videos to contribute to creating a more complete picture.

Take One Action Film Festival

TOA_FestivalLogo_script27th of September to Saturday the 12th of October in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Scotland’s global change cinema project.

So difficult to narrow down what I want to see. But here are my top three choices.

1. Girl Rising

– Following 9 girls from around the world as they overcome barriers to education for girls.

2. The Patience Stone

– Set in the middle east, a woman looks after her comatose husband while war rages outside and undergoes a transformation.

3. Blood Brother

– A young man goes to India to “find himself” and ends up in an HIV orphanage. A story of love.

I can’t wait to see these films! Anyone else going? Or got any must see recommendations?